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Tagung der European Federation of City Farms in Bremen

EFCF-Conference Bremen Germany 19. - 23.9.2018

The Bund der Jugendfarmen und Aktivspielplätze e.V. and its five member institutions in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen invite you to the 27th Conference of the European Federation of City Farms.

• Kinder- und Jugendfarm Bremen e.V.

• Stadtteilfarm Huchting e.V.

• Kinderbauernhof Tenever

• Erlebnisfarm Ohlenhof

• Kinder- und Jugendfarm Borgfeld

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“Young people are to be provided with youth and community work offers that support their development. These offers should consequently tie to the needs of young people and give them the possibility to shape the offers and take part in the decision making process in order to qualify the youth to become self-determined individuals and encourage them to social responsibility and social commitment” (Eighth Code of German Social Law, Chapter 11). The mission given by this law is fulfilled extraordinarily well by city farms and activity playgrounds: The pedagogically supervised playgrounds address mostly school-aged children, who naturally bring along a huge need for movement, adventure and a lot of curiosity. Offering diverse possibilities to experience and to create is the central aspect of pedagogically supervised playgrounds, which distinguishes them from conventional playgrounds and other leisure time facilities. Pedagogically supervised playgrounds are normally opened all-year. Children can visit free of charge without having to apply for a membership and they can decide on their own when, how often and how long they want to come and play. The participants will get to know the principles and diversity of the educational work in 5 different projects.

This event is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth