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Digitale Internationale Seminare im Dezember - Spiel in Zeiten der Distanz - Social Circus - interaktive Theatermethoden

Dezember 2020

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

der Bund der Jugendfarmen und Aktivspielplätze e.V., Spielkultur Berlin-Buch e.V. und european playwork association e.V. laden Sie und Euch herzlich ein, an fünf internationalen digitalen Trainingsseminaren zu spielerischen Methoden teilzunehmen. Die Arbeitssprache ist Englisch. Für die Beteiligung aller werden die Referent*innen darauf achten, dass sie einfaches und langsames Englisch sprechen. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.

Workshops 1+2:

“Let’s find a way to care & play” – Coping with challenges, creating opportunities for play work in times of Corona.

A heartfelt invitation to join our virtual seminar on:
Friday, 4th December 2020, 19:00 – 20:30 (CET - Hamburg time) and
Saturday, 5th December 2020, 16:00 – 17:30 (CET - Hamburg time)

Yes, we have to be careful and keep apart, but ’social distancing’ hurts. Our children and young people want and need to play. So: “Let’s find a way to care & play”. It appears, that we need to change some rules of the games and re-invent hugs.We’ll look at the basic aspects of Play: Communication (verbal and non-verbal), Play for Intercultural understanding, Play to overcome Angst and Fear and Play as a tool for community connections. We will try out, what participants propose and Play online. One aim is, to develop a collection of ideas and games, which we can all enjoy – even in times of Corona, Play fully!


Weitere Infos und Anmeldung: epa-network.org/2020/11/25/lets-find-a-way-to-care-play/


Workshops 3+4:

Social Circus 1 – a playful tool of youth and social work
Friday, 11th of December 2020, 19.00-20.30 (UTC+1 - Hamburg Time)

Social circus is a great tool for educational work – intercultural, interactive, enabling and participative!

In this workshop we will first meet the theory youth social circus, and we will be in touch with social circus as a performing act. For those who first meet social circus, it can be described as a transformative power that connects education, physical art and social development. Social Circus is more than teaching circus skills: it is a tool for transformation, discipline, creativity and artistic expression.

Social Circus 2 – Basics of Clowning and Juggling and how to easily prepare materials home
Saturday, 12th of December 2020, 19.00-20.30 (UTC+1 - Hamburg Time)

In this workshop you will learn some of the basics of clowning and juggling, and the associated techniques. You will learn how to playfully prepare your own circus equipment with colleagues and kids using basic household materials. What you will need to have with you is some balloons, 2 cups of rice and some old fabrics. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have them, keep notes and create your juggling balls later! Weitere Infos und Anmeldung: epa-network.org/2020/11/25/social-circus/

Workshop 5:

Act for Change – Interactive Theatre as a Tool of Youth and Community Work

Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 – 18:30-20:00 (UTC+1 -Hamburg Time)

Samuel Lamptey, a trainer of the e.p.a partner organisation ‘Act for Change’ from Jamestown in Accra, Ghana gives an introduction to their community theatre practice – with many practical and interactive exercises, energizers, and a little bit of theory and community history from Jamestown. The workshop presents interactive theatre as a powerful educational tool and provides first ideas how to use it in your own community and youth work!
Weitere Infos und Anmeldung: epa-network.org/2020/11/25/act-for-change/

Diese Veranstaltungen werden gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend





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